thicker skin

in collaboration with naomi brusselman

The Thicker Skin patch gives the wearer the ability to engage in a conversation about race, gender and or sexuality without feeling the urge to respond defensively. It behaves physically like a nicotine patch, in that it peels off to reveal an adhesive strip that you can place on your skin.

The goal is to expose the weakness of the white patriarchy whereby the social system is dictated by a pretence to react defensively when moved to consider their privilege. The guilt and embarrassment that comes with being confronted by the idea that they cannot handle the vocal concerns of others will hopefully create a depth of thought about how they engage with people of different cultural statuses. We demand that the straight white male looks into himself and questions why it is that he cannot maintain a conversation about continual oppression of other ethnic groups, gender classifications and sexual orientations.

We must destabilise these constructed ideas about racial and gender binaries and open up productive discussions about how different people experience these aspects of their identity. For without any personal experience in receiving discrimination, one can go through life with a warped perception of reality. Essentially we wish to make these conversations easier for everyone.

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